What size will I need?

We find that most new storers overestimate the size they need. You will be quite surprised how much will fit into a unit.

Generally the size depends on the big lumpy items e.g. sofa, armchairs, wardrobes, chest freezers to be stored. The smaller items, the boxable things of life, can stack around the bigger items.

If you just have boxes and small furniture then one of our walk in units – say 3ft or 4 ft wide by 6ft deep will probably do.

If you can only fill an estate car then one of our “giant lockers” will be good.

Here at Highbury we have a wide range of sizes from 8.25 square feet up to 110 square feet.

Availability of units changes and there is no list of sizes and prices on this website. We prefer to help our customers by phone or email with advice on appropriate size/price availability and reserve a suitable unit for your arrival.

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